welcome letter

Hi, there.

We’re so glad you’re here.

You’ve found the virtual comfy couches of a community through DaySpring’s (in)courage ministry.  We specifically serve, love, and (in)courage moms of kids with special needs. Needs like ADHD, Down syndrome, dyslexia, depression, FPIES, apraxia, celiac disease, gluten allergy, autism, Tourette’s, and everything in-between or on the edges. If letters like OT, PT, SPT, SID, BA, CAS, and IEP read like a native language to you now… well, you have friends here.

Amidst doctor’s appointments, IEP meetings, therapy sessions, or hospital stays, it’s easy to become isolated in this world of special-needs motherhood. As you trudge along, you may wonder if you’re alone in this journey. But you’re not. We get where you’re at because it’s a path we’re walking along, too.

Special-needs is not something our schools do particularly well. Nor, our churches. Honestly, our families aren’t always so great with it, either. You see other parents like you out there, but it can be hard to connect while wrangling the chaos of your other children, family, work, and every day life. And, let’s face it: some days, you just don’t want to have to talk about it any more. Explain it any more. Go back to the beginning one. more. time.

You don’t have to here.

This group is not a life commitment. We know you have a ridiculous load on your plate at the moment. It’s just a place where parents with special kids can share life together with a like-hearted community. A place where surely someone will know what you’re talking about. No one’s checking in on you. There are no forms to fill out. Just show up.  As special needs moms ourselves, we want to welcome you to a place where you’ll fit right in, where you’ll feel comfortable sharing your heart. This will be a place where you’ll always be welcome, where you’ll feel that you belong.

It will be a place where you’re (in)cluded.

There’s a facebook group HERE that’s open for photos, posts, questions, encouragement, and daily life. [Session 1’s group, (in)able, is closed to new members in order order to have everyone fit around the table. Session 2’s group, (in)cluded, will open February 12, 2013.]

This blog right here is shared between the two sister-groups and will have posts especially for (in)able and (in)cluded moms.  We want to (in)courage you.  To cheer you on. To hear your stories. Your best bet to stay in-touch is to click on the orange ‘count me in’ button over in the left column; that will send any new post straight to your email inbox.

Leave a comment and say hello.  It’s nice to finally meet you.

Grace and Peace to you today.

Katie and Kaylee, (in)able hosts & Rachel and Megan, (in)cluded hosts

rach   meganKatie kaylee


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