the art of unfolding & resting

Driving to work today, radio on, I heard:

 And what was said to the rose to make it unfold

Was said to me, here in my chest…

This line specifically:

What was said to the rose to make it unfold.

Whenever I hear it, I stop dead in my tracks.

There is a sacred pause…The mystery and magic of this line makes me weak in the knees. I just want to take a deep breath and soak it in all over again like it’s the first time I’ve heard it.

I’m sort of an arm raiser during praise and worship. Not every song, not every Sunday. But it happens. When something moves me enough — I throw my hands up in the air!

Why the automatic response of praise is to often raise your arms has always baffled me.  Seems like such a funny thing that our bodies just know what to do when we’re moved…

All of us opens up.

But if the mastermind behind the flowers is the mastermind behind our souls I guess it isn’t all that crazy.

His voice. His mystery. His beauty.

It makes things unfold.



There’s an art to the blossoming.

Flowers don’t just flop open in the morning.


They ever so slowly, ever so patiently, unfold

— displaying endless beauty for all to see.

Sometimes I forget this art. The art of opening up.

If flowers don’t flop open, why do I think my heart would just flop open?

Maybe there are times my heart swings open it’s doors to take in the world.

But other time, I am slow. Just like a rose.

I unfold.

Roses are the perfect image of God’s work on our hearts. His love slowly unfolding the mysteries of our hearts

— with each beat of his love in us we open up just a bit more. 

Until we unfold. Fully and openly.

We open up to display all our beauty.


This morning, the next few words that follow in the song struck me — I’m usually so caught up in its preceding lyrics that I miss this:

… so be quiet now and rest

Anyone ever watch a rose (or any flower for that matter) all day?

Doesn’t do much.

It opens up.

And then it just basks in the sunlight.

All. Day. Long.

Apparently. Roses know how to rest.

And maybe God wants us to be more like roses.

‘Cause if we were.

We’d open up.

And then we’d just bask in the warmth of his love.

All. Day. Long.

I forget this.

But today…. I stopped and smelled the roses.

….And they were a beautiful reminder to unfold and rest.

Kaylee (and husband, Dan) have one daughter, Miss Bella, who lives in a world of FPIES,EoEDelay in Gastric Emptying.  Kaylee works full-time at Start Garden and fine-tunes plans to take over the world while driving to doctors’ appointments.


3 thoughts on “the art of unfolding & resting

  1. Kaylee, this was a spectacular display of God’s beauty in you. Your ability to illustrate our need to unfold and then rest. It is work, the unfolding. And it is beautiful. You, are beautiful, friend.

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