from a mom to her son

mariaA Letter for my Son with ASD

written by Maria Dodson, (in)Able mom

April 5, 2013

Dear Sweet Boy,

Right now you are only 6.  You just started at a new school a few months ago and it has really been a challenge for you.  You are often very anxious about going to school in the morning. You say that you can’t read or write and that you have a hard time listening.  And that frustrates you .

Sweetheart, you are right.  You are behind your peer in the language arts right now.  In fact, your delayed language skills often prevent you from asking for the help you need or accurately communicating why you are frustrated. And it breaks my heart to see you struggle in this way.  Communication is a basic human desire.

But maybe I can explain why your Mama is making you go through this.

Son, because of the way your brain works these things are extra hard for you.  It is my great hope (and the advice of professionals) that if we work REALLY hard right now, things will be easier for you when you get older.  I make you go to school, where you are asked to work very hard all day long, so that someday you will be able to tell people your story in a way that will make a difference for the kids that will come after you that struggle in the same way.

And I want to give your teachers and schoolmates a chance to learn that you are different from them, but not less.

I know you will not understand this letter right now, but it’s good for your Mama to write it out.  It reminds her, too, of why we do what we do.

You are a great treasure, my sweet boy.


Your Mom


One thought on “from a mom to her son

  1. This is exactly where we are at right now. Well not exactly, because my daughter is deaf, but she has to work VERY hard right now to be able to communicate later. While other kids are getting ready to be off for the summer she is going to go right into summer school. She is too young to even know what is going on, but it’s never how I pictured it so I have to remind myself why we are doing this.

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